Probiotics are critically important for optimal health

Probiotics are beneficial micro-organisms or bacteria that live in the intestinal tract and provide a myriad of health benefits. It is important to understand the importance of digestive health and the role that healthy intestinal flora plays in promoting optimal health.

What are probiotics and why do I need them?

Many people make the mistake of believing that Lactobacillus acidophilus is enough. This is simply untrue. Lactobacillus acidophilus is only one of dozens of strains of healthy bacteria that are necessary for health.

Unfortunately you cannot just walk into any grocery store pharmacy or even health food store and pick up any bottle of probiotics and receive the intended benefits. It is important to purchase a supplement that contains a wide spectrum of bacteria and more importantly, active cultures.

Friendly flora is crucial in the proper development of the immune system

Many individuals may not realize that without healthy gut flora the immune system cannot develop and function properly. The friendly flora in your digestive tract protect you from the invasion of bacteria that can cause disease.

This is one reason breast-feeding is so critically important. A newborns digestive tract is sterile. The newborns digestive system is colonized by bacteria from the mothers skin and environment. If the digestive system is colonized by yeasts and unfriendly bacteria it can lead to a host of health problems throughout life.

What does the science say about Probioics?

At the November 2005 conference of The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine and the American Society for Microbiology a conference report addressed the very topic of probiotics and their health benefits.

* Strong evidence suggests probiotics have a beneficial effect in treating diarrhea caused by rotavirus.

*Reduce the recurrence of bladder cancer.

* Prevents eczema in children.

*Effective treatment for Irritable bowel syndrome .

*Prevent and treat urinary tract infections in women.

How do you find the best source of probiotics?

* The minimum effective dose recommended by microbiologists is: 10 Billion CFU {colony forming units}

* It MUST contain multiple strains, single strain supplements will NOT provide the health benefits you are looking for. Single strains cannot properly colonize the intestinal tract.

* The best probiotic supplements will include between 3 and 7 strains of bacteria.

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Is Yogurt effective?

In a word....NO

1. Yogurt contains sugar as the second ingredient! There is one brand of yogurt advertised as a 'digestive aid' and it contains only one strain of bacteria that has been 'engineered' and has a patent on it. This is NOT what you want to be putting into your body.

Ingredients lists of common yogurts

* fructose syrup - linked with fatty liver disease, obesity, insulin resistance.

* second ingredient in the most common 'digestive health' yogurt is...... you guessed it... SUGAR!