The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

Unfortunately the most misunderstood aspect of weight loss is the best way to lose belly fat. There are an endless number of gadgets and products aimed at 'getting great abs,' reducing belly fat, and helping you look great in your jeans.

Countless numbers of men and women spend a lot of money on fitness videos, equipment and programs that advertise to be 'the best way to lose belly fat.' Unfortunately, the truth is suppressed in an effort to exploit those honestly seeking to lose unwanted belly fat for money.

What is the best way to lose unwanted belly fat?

Photo by Tony Alter

There is NO magic pill, there are no gadgets, gizmos, or equipment that will cause you to lose abdominal fat.

The Truth!

The ONLY & BEST way to lose belly fat is 80% diet and 20% exercise!

You CANNOT exercise your way out of a bad diet.

Exercise will not make up for a poor diet. You cannot work off the Hamburger and fries you ate last night by doing an hour of cardio the next morning. For example, lets say you had a bad day and this is what you ate in a day:

1/2 c. granola
1 c. 1 % milk

10 corn tortilla chips
1 apple

6 inch turkey sub sandwich
1 8 oz. serving bag potato chips

16 oz. Coke
1 McDonalds crispy chicken sandwich
1 mcdonalds medium fries

Daily Calorie Count: 3177 calories!!!

The RDA is 2000 calories per day for the average person. If you are looking to lose weight and this was a bad dietary day for you, you would have to run 11 miles that day to burn off all of the excess calories above the recommended 2000 calories per day.

Do you see why exercise cannot make up for a poor diet?

If you are a shorter than average woman you may only need 1500 or even 1200 calories per day in order to lose weight so you would have a marathon ahead of you to burn off all those excess calories. You have to begin by eating a healthy whole foods diet. You can decrease calories and still remain satisfied by your diet through eating a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes that have a lot of fiber to help you feel full without loading up on too many calories.

Once you have adopted a healthy, whole foods diet you can then add exercise for the added weight loss and health benefits. You don't need fancy equipment or ab crunches, you just need cardio and some weight bearing exercise. If you don't have weights and can't afford a gym, look up body weight exercises that will work your muscles. Obtaining great abs has nothing to do with crunches and fancy machines, it is simply watching your diet and getting enough exercise to burn off the excess abdominal fat.

The next time you see some fitness model advertising the LATEST Ab machine, Change the Channel!

How did that fitness model get great abs? I can guarantee you it was NOT from the ab machine or gadget being advertised. They eat a VERY specific diet & exercise.

Exercise must include cardio to help burn off excess body fat, utilize glycogen and create a calorie deficit.

Your exercise routine must also include some form of weight bearing exercise to build muscle and increase your metabolism.

I realize that many people want to find a magic pill or gadget that will do the work for them. I wish I could honestly tell you it is easy. I requires work!

You MUST change your diet and begin an exercise routine. You don't need any expensive equipment. You can begin doing body weight exercises. There are many wonderful resources online to get your started. You can begin doing yoga, speed walking, running, jump rope, hiking, biking or anything that you may find enjoyable......just get out and get moving!

The BEST way to lose belly fat is to move your body and consume a healthy diet. If you need information on how to start there are numerous articles on this website that will help you learn how to eat a healthy diet. There are also recipes and many resources that will help you. Healthy Recipes for The Best way to Lose Belly Fat